Hooking up an old reciever to a new sound card

as the title says im trying to hook up an old rca reciever to a new x-fi fatal1ty pro sound card. the only problem is, is that there is only two rca conectors behind the reciever, and the sound card has four conections for 3.5mm trs. i can get the card to see the right and left front speaker because that is the port it is puged into, and the only port it seems to work on. is there a way to get the who 5.1 set of speakers working. ist this possible
thanks for the help if any.
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  1. the computer needs to have surround outputs and the receiver needs to have surround inputs
    The 5.1 speakers, if they are powered, connect to the computer surround outputs.
    There is no connection to the receiver.
  2. If your receiver has a digital audio input you can use that if your card has digital audio out. If not then set the sound card output to 2 channel and use a surround mode in the receiver to at least give you some kind of surround sound.
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