How to hook up an old 5.1 rca reciever to a new soundcard

hello, im trying to hook up an old RCA reciever that only has the rca (red, and white) hookups, to a new fatal1ty pro sound card that has 4 3.5mm trs for a surround sound speaker set. ive used a y rca cord and can get perfect sound from the right and left front speaker, but no other speaker/ subwoofer will work even if i stick the 3.5mm trs in any other jacks besides the front left and right. is there a way to get all the speakers working? can i connect a 3.5mm trs to speaker wire and connect it that way, or do i need a reciever? or is there an adapter that i can conect a rca cord to that has 4 3.5mm trs cords atached to it?
any help would be nice thanks.
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  1. If I'm reading your question correctly you are saying the "Surround Rear" (I think this is the grey connector) and the "Center/Sub woofer" (Orange) are not supplying a signal to the audio receiver. If that is the case, you may need to activate the surround setting in the sound control panel. For my computer i have to go to Control Panel > Sound> Select "Speakers" and click "Configure"> then select a surround sound option. With a higher end sound card, it may have it's own control panel applet as well so you may have a look through that for an option to activate surround sound. Hope this helps.
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