SSD Satellite A205-S5814 Laptop

Anyone know what inexpensive SSD would fit a Toshiba Satellite A205-S5814 Laptop?
The only one I found was $200 from Curcial
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  1. I have the A305 and installed the Patriot torqx 128 Gig SSD, Love it.

    But to answer your question I believe your A205 uses a Sata HHD (I also Have A tosibia A205-5xxx (Forgot Model Nr and it is SATA). If so most all of the 2.5" should be fine. Since your laptop only has one HDD bay just make sure it is at least large enough to hold operating system plus programs plus xx amount for your files. add 20% to that to determine size. You can take the HDD that you remove and put in a USB external enclosure for external storage.

    Just got an email from newegg "Blowout sale on SSDs
  2. Thanks RetiredChief, I'll look into it more closely now to make sure. I wasn't aware that I could use different ones depending on SATA.
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    The vast majority are SATA inteface. There are some that are Pata (IDE) as I bought 3 for work, but they are the exception not the norm. Just look at the specs should see SATA I, or SATA II - go for the SATA II.
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