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I'll make this short and sweet. Purchased a Gateway NV5321h from Future Shop on March 5th. As of right now April 3 it's showing the stupid plugged in not charging error a lot of people have reported in Windows 7. it was working showing as it should 100% and plugged in (without showing charging/not charging as in that state it shouldn't anyways). Next day it shows 98% available,plugged in not charging. which is odd since when I put it to sleep mode for the night it was showing 100%. It fixed itself with a slight tap on the top near the power plug last time (nothing hard at all just a quick tap with the point of my finger with a little pressure). I'm thinking either the charging jack is loose or the charging circuit might be weird. However it works fine with the battery removed and the AC plugged in so that suggests the battery. What do you guys think? Gateway has issued me an RMA for the battery so we'll see how it goes but just wanted to see if maybe someone thinks it might be something more serious

Thanks guys

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  1. If it is Windows acting up, make sure that you have all of the latest updates installed. However, I do believe that it was only an issue (for the most part) for the RC. Never the less, just ensure that everything is updated. If that doesn't do anything and based on your description of "tapping" near the power jack, it probably is a bad battery. I'd go ahead and send it in and get a new one.
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