Prime 95 Lag

Hi there, i've got a 3 year old dell with a Core 2 Duo T7300 CPU (2.2GHz)

whenever i run Prime 95, it becomes unustable (meaning it lags really really bad, hard to move mouse around, and takes like 30 secs to push the close button on prime 95.)
im not sure if its always been like this because its the 1st time i've run prime 95.

my computer is quite stable i think because i can leave it on for a week without it crashing on me... so whats causing this problem?

i have 2 gigz of ram running win7 x64 ultimate.
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  1. It isn't a problem. P95 is a benchmark program that essentially throttles the CPU to 100% for quite sometime, which means that most of the computer's resources are geared towards running the program and not much of anything else, i.e. like moving the mouse around, etc... It is nothing to worry about-just let it run through. Are you over clocking it or just curious about the program?
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