All in One machine for 800 p/month

Hello, I'd like to buy an All-in One (Inkjet Print, Copy, Scanner, Fax) machine to print as cheap as possible approx. 800 pages A4 per month, most of them black/white text and technical drawings with low quality settings and only a small number of high quality pdf documents. Any decent Scan/Print speed is acceptable. Other than USB 2.0 I want at least one of Ethernet or WiFi connection capability and a fast (speed is more important than simplicity in this case)software for Win 7/Vista 32&64 bit. I don't care about PictBridge or card readers. So far I am leaning towards the bottom end of HP Officejet products (4500 or 6500), but I want to see if you have to offer anything better for my case. Also if I buy one HP, would you recommend extending the standard warranty of 1 year?

PRICE < 150 Euros ~ 200USD

Thank you in advance
S. O.
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  1. Any ideas where you'd like to purchase one from?
  2. Hey, I am in Greece. i am ok buying it on-line, provided that warranty and service are the same (or better) as buying it from a shop. ATM I am also looking at Epson Stylus BX product series.
  3. HP has some of the highest per page costs for InkJets. However their top models are pretty reliable. If you are printing mostly black/white documents I'd recommend you get a Laser printer. It will be much cheaper to print and will be more reliable. Then get a cheap $40 printer for color. Even if the cost of the Laser is $50-100 more, you will save that costs in the first year of printing.
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