HP Dead Laptop????

So my daughters HP dv9000 seems to have bitten the big one. But I'm not sure to what extent.

It starts up, goes to the Windows loading icon. I can see the screen and all fine. But before Windows fully loads, the screen shows a flickering shimmer pattern for about a second, than goes blank. It's still on, but no longer shows any image. Nada.
Tried connecting it to an external monitor, and the external shows the same thing.

After a few seconds, the screen shimmers again, and then the laptop shuts down.

MY GUESS, is the soldered on video card is dead,

Any thoughts? I'm on the verge of stripping out the memory and hd and calling it a brick.
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  1. It is acting like something it shot on the motherboard/gpu/or perhaps the cpu. Most likely it was caused by heat damage, which older hp's are notorious for, i.e. I had 3 hp in 3 years- all died because of heat damage. Unless it is under warranty, I'd call it a brick and never buy HP again.
  2. +1 brick

    not much one can do with a laptop. Could try swapping memory around but no one wants to buy new RAM if it doesnt help it.
  3. Since the screen functions during Windows booting and BIOS POSTing, you might have a driver problem - a much cheaper route. Can you get into Safe Mode?
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