Intel 865gv motherboard lan driver for win 7

i want all the drivers for my asrock 865gv motherboard.. can you help me for this..?
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    By the look of this site, it stops being effective beyond XP.

    If everything else works except the LAN, you might be able to fix it. The people who developed it may still offer Windows 7 drivers.

    Look in Control Panel>Device Manager and identify the LAN driver - the entry under Network Adapters>Ethernet Adapter and right click it and go to Properties then click the Details tab, then scroll to Hardware IDs and note down the four characters after VEN for Vendor and the four which follow DEV for Device.

    Go to and input those details in the relevant boxes and you will see the list of all the right manufacturer's products but sadly, they aren't in order. Use Internet Explorers Edit menu then Find to type in the DEVice ID and the search will find the correct entry. Follow the link to the site for the correct driver and download it.

  2. Product page @

    No drivers for Win7 from Asrock , but using the manual as a guide, yes it is in there, it is a Realtek 8101L NIC, so using Realteks own search option you end up @

    Simple really if you just spend two minutes. ;)
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