Volume Blares, display blanks out every 5-20 minutes

My tv is a 32 inch (31.5 diagonal) sanyo LCD flat screen tv. I bought it about 2 years ago so the warantee is expired. Recently my tv has begun to show signs of what I suspect is a short circuit (which is strange because i have it plugged into a heavy duty surge protector) I have 2 input selectors hooked into one another via component cables (red/blue/green/red/white) one goes into the other, then the other goes into the tv. I have a total of 4 game consoles hooked up to said input selectors. The second input selector is plugged directly into my tv in one input slot (video 1). I also have another component slot occupied directly by my cable box from time warner. As well as 1 game console plugged in through an HDMI cord. It doesn't matter which of the said connections i'm currently tuned into because now it will inevitably at some point begin exhibiting strange recurring behavior. once the problem starts, every 5-20 minutes or so the screen will momentarily go black (like as if it was turned off) and the sound will BLARE to a SUPER HIGH volume for 1-5 seconds, once its done, the sound and display go dead, then in another 3-5 seconds everything comes back. And when is say the volume blares, i mean its STARTLING. other glitches have been known to occasionally occupy this obviously related problem. Sometimes when this blackout happens, the volume doesn't blare and instead goes silent during the process. Once i witnessed the currently selected input label (video1,video2,hdmi,ect) freeze at the top right hand corner of the screen after the display came back, and the "HDMI" label was stuck there until i turned the tv off and on again. A handful of times i've also witnessed a strange super glitchy looking purple digital looking line stream across the width of the tv for a brief instant while transitioning into the zero display high volume mode. What is the problem, or what could be the problem?
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  1. You have a myriad of different issues that would point to a few different things. The purple artifacting would point to a t-con board, the sound issue would point to the main board either shorting, or having some sort of malfunction. you can always try to get a Service manual, and reset the entire set. You can also unplug it for 12 hours or so to try to get the cap to completely drain. This would also effectively reset the TV's internal software. Sanyo TVs are disposable items. The ones we sold did well if they made it a few years. Depending on how much work/time/money you want to toss into it, you can replace it with a current model for about $200. My company didn't repair, or even give estimtes on them due to the high repair costs vs. replacement.
  2. I did send it for repairs to a guy my father knows and he gave it back after spending a good amount of time on it and said he never saw the problem. By that time my tv had it's power off for days, I got it back and suddenly the problem seemed fixed for a time. So I guess your thoughts are at least partially right. What is this cap you speak of? I've never heard of such a part. Now is there any chance this was all caused by a power surge of some kind?
  3. A Capacitor stores energy. That's why when you unplug devices, and plug them quickly back in, they don't always lose their settings. Some devices store energy in their capacitors for a long time. Most CE devices such as displays will reset their basic settings after a few hours of not being plugged in. Higher end displays, actually record and store their settings, so this isn't always true.
  4. So could this be the result of a power surge?
  5. Sure, its possible. The electronics are pretty weak in these sets.
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