Samsung PX2370 Problem or Design Flaw?

So I got my new computer all running, now with an HDMI output for the first time ever thanks to my ATI Radeon 5770. I figured it'd be time to upgrade the monitor that's also HD compatible. After reading online here and elsewhere I see the PX2370 getting awesome reviews, so I pick it up.

The thing is, it doesn't look good, at all. To start with, my old monitor was a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW that really has no problems that I've been able to find. It's just a couple years old but works fine. Now when I hook up the new 2370 the first thing I notice is I can't display my recommended resolution of 1920x1080, of which I was displaying on my 22" LCD. Well that's not totally true, I can display it but there's about half an inch of black dead space around the border that I can only fill if I go into my Catalyst setup and scale the display bigger, which looks awful.

So I'm running in 1680x1050 which is the highest I could go and have it look half decent. Videos and whatnot look decent but looking at text makes me feel drunk. It's all half-washed out, nothing is in focus and the fact it's usually behind a white background just makes it look even fuzzier. I've checked every setting I can find in the monitor's menu, turned on that magic features, turned them off, adjusted contrast/brightness/sharpness and can't find any working combination that will make this monitor better than my 2 year old one I was using.

I don't know if it's just because it's an LED and I'm not used to it, in which case I think I would rather not get used to it and just go back to my old one. Even for comparisons sake I hooked up the old one to my second display input and compared identical screens of text. The 226 looks much much clearer and easier on the eyes to read. When it comes to displaying pictures (Eg. Even my desktop wallpaper) the 2370 is much brighter and even more vibrant, but I'll take a slightly darker picture over being able to clearly read text any day.

So I guess my question is, this monitor is so well reviewed I have to wonder if there's something I'm missing here. I did install the recent drivers from Samsung, fyi. I just don't know if there's anything else I can do before I just bring it back and keep on using the old one?
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  1. Go into CCC > Desktops and displays > rightclick the appropriate display on the lower bar > configure > scaling options tab > set overscan to 0%
  2. That actually seemed to make it worse. As it stands right now, the text is legible, it's just fuzzy and it bugs my eyes to constantly strain to read it. When I set the overscan to 0 it made everything jagged and near impossible to read.
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