$800 for a laptop with almost no head room. Need help

I have $800 in my budget for a laptop for school and a machine capable of playing modern games at at least med-high settings. I have narrowed it down to two models,

I know and love ASUS but buying something recertified makes me uneasy. On that note, I know the 260m is slightly better than the 5650 but will having a better CPU in the ACER make it a tad stronger?
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    It is a tough call. But if gaming is what you would like to do, I'd recommend going with the 260m, i.e. the asus. However, take a look at these links to get a better comparison of their performance specs:
  2. The ASUS seems like what I'm going to end up with. With that said, anything I should worry about with recertified stuff? I trust ASUS like no other company. Anything I could buy from ASUS, I do but I've never gotten anything recertified. With such a reputable company, should I worry about it?
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