Adding a sub woofer to 2.0 desktop speakers?


I recently brought these speakers

There quite good but i find the base lacking. I have a creative sub woofer that i want to add but im not sure i can. i think the subwoofer acts as a pre amp and it has a wired remote with dials for volume and bass but the bose speakers also have a volume dial.

My question is can i add the subwoofer into the syestem or will having two volume controls stop this from working.

Im not very good with things like this so if any more info is required feel free to ask and il get back as soon as i can.

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  1. in normal pc 2.1 systems both speakers plug into the subwoofer which in turn plugs into the computer. the subwoofer also features the power connection.

    with a 2.0 you are plugging directly into the computer. depending on what you have.. one of the speakers might have a power connection they share.

    would it work? probably as long as you didnt overpower the speakers.

    would i do it? no. i myself wouldnt risk it. if you want a 2.1 just buy a 2.1 system and return the old one if its that new.
  2. Ok thanks for the advice i knew it was a bit iffy. I dont think il risk it. il try and get a refund.

    Thanks again
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