Which monitor to buy?

Hi All,

These are my current specs:

Intel C2D 6400 @ 2.13Ghz
Intel 946GZIS mobo
LG 17" CRT monitor
2GB DDR2 RAM @ 800 mhz
HDD: Seagate 1TB and Seagate 240GB
PSU: Corsair 750 W
GPU: Gigabyte Radeon 4870 (1GB DDR5)
OS: Win 7, XP & Linux Mint

I plan to upgrade my basics to i5-760, Gigabyte mobo and 4 GB DDR3 Ram within the next 4 months.... (Budget issue....)

Right now, I plan to upgrade my monitor and am planning to choose between these 2 models (based on price and availability in my country):


Acer S231HL

Both are similarly priced...

My primary use is gaming and movies.... Am guessing running office applications shouldn't be an issue.....

Need your expert inputs....

Thanx in advance....

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  1. Dell U2311H

    TN Panels are a thing of the past for me.. I bought my first e-ips after returning 3 top of the line TN panels ~ and I'm not going back.

    Google TFT Central for a good review
  2. Ermm one though.. Depending on what games you play, your processor may be a little slow for 1080p.

    Consider the 22" Dell 2210WA or whatever.. The 1680x1050 e-IPS.. It got great reviews.. Looks like a beauty.

    Search the net on how to get 20% off coupon codes.. It saved me about 60$ ^^
  3. errr... i live in India.... don't have many options to choose from.... :(

    based on my GPU and my proposed upgrade, which monitor will be be best for me???
  4. dna316 said:

    I would say its much better than any TN panel, including those you listed. Google it ~ IPS, even e-IPS has better picture quality and color reproduction than ANY TN panel you can buy. If you do buy one, I have some recommendations on the settings to make it look really sweet.

    IPS is a little slower in theory, but I play FPS games and I hardly notice a difference... The picture just looks much prettier. That U2311H also has very little input lag.. Check the TFTcentral review.
  5. thnxx... will check out the TFT review ad get back to you......
  6. Sorry for the late reply.....

    Dell U2311H medel is not available now :(

    Dell ST2410 61cm 24inch Full HD

    Is this any good?

    Or is there a better option offered in below given site (in a similar budget)?

    kindly advise....


  7. anyone ????
  8. The dell one looks nice.
  9. but should i go for an EPS panel?? coz the DELL model has a TN panel....
  10. Depends what you'll be using it for, for gaming TN panels are fine but if you're doing photo editing then an IPS panel would be a better choice.
  11. this is mostly for gaming and movies.... So, which one of these models do i go for:

    Dell ST2410 61cm 24inch Full HD
    Rs. 13500/-
    www.testfreaks.co.uk score: 8.8



    BENQ G2420 HD
    Rs. 11300/-
    www.testfreaks.co.uk score: 9.4


    Or is there a better option offered in below given site (in a similar budget)?

    would appreciate your feedback...
  12. I'd go for this one:

    But if you don't like it then then I'd go for the dell screen for the anti-glare screen. There's really not a lot of difference between them though so just pick whichever you like the look of most.
  13. ok, my friend got me a discount on the BenQ model G2420HD 24"..... so i bought it....

    The screen looks too bright... can anyone suggest me the calibration settings??
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