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I have erected an old Square GRID Parabolic antenna with an AIDC-3731 downconverter on it which was left at my old house by a tv company I used once. It has a coaxial cable hook-up on the downconverter and is about 16 feet off the ground, on a pole. I first checked my tv with rabbit ears to make sure I didn't need a converter box and received 16 digital channels. I then ran 50 ft of round R-6 cable directly from that tv to the outdoor grid antenna by plugging the cable into the downconverter cable hook-up but can't get a signal. I have tried turning the antenna in all directions but still no signal. I don't want to remain with the rabbit ears as my daughter said this would humiliate her, so I want to be able to use an outdoor antenna preferably this grid antenna I already have. I was hoping you could guide me on how to utilize this antenna or tell me what's wrong or what I need to do to fix the problem. I am a housewife that knows just enough about OTA signals to get me in trouble, so please help in layman's terms. Thanks, Sandra
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    I guess my question would be, if your TV can currently decode the digital transmissions in your area using a set of rabbit ears (IOW, your TV has a native ATSC tuner), then why would you need a down-converter from the outdoor antenna?

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks for your reply! This antenna is just an old antenna left from when I had direct tv many years ago and it was left with this AIDC on it. I'm wondering if I take off this AIDC thingy on it and attach a belum directly to the antenna, that may be all I need to do. If you agree, I will run out and purchase an belum and attach it to the antenna directly and then to the round cable.
  3. You shouldn't need anything aside from coax. Anything additional in the line will degrade the signal.
  4. I'd say that is all you need. You should be able to find a balun at Radio Shack or a similar electronics store for less that a couple of bucks.

    -Wolf sends
  5. Thanks! I got a belum and that was all I needed! I appreciate the help!
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