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Need your opinions on new computer

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October 31, 2003 1:22:09 PM

Here is what I come up with at
Abit IS7 865PE
P4 2.6C
XFX GeForce4 MX440 64mb DDR
Centon Electronics 512mb PC3200 CL2.5

I already have the 120g hard drive, cdrom and cdrewritable. All I need now is a good case with psu that doesn't have the old style port openings in back and a cpu fan. I have about $65 to spend on both.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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October 31, 2003 2:29:59 PM

Get a better video card. nVidia Ti4200 comes to mind. Also, I am not really familiar with Centon RAM. You may want to stick with some Geil or Crucial instead. Drop the 2.6 to a 2.4 to make up the price difference if you need to.
October 31, 2003 7:14:08 PM

The retail version of the 2.6c comes with a fan so you don't need to buy one. If that's the OEM version you have there, then replace it with the Retail one, their difference is only $2 at Newegg. Now about the case I suggest Antec Sonata (it comes with a 380w PSU) which is an excellent case, but it costs $99 though. That's $34 more than what you mentioned but I think you shouldn't be stingy on this, especially when it comes to the power supply. With Sonata you will also get an excellent PSU.

Also, in case you are planning to use this machine for any gaming at all, then you should really consider upgrading that graphics card. Otherwise I guess it will be ok.
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October 31, 2003 9:00:53 PM

I would go with one of the Antec cases either the SLK1600 or the SLK2600 these are a little older but I think they are just as good as the others. They both use the SmartPower 300watt. If this is to small of a power supply I would go for one of the more expensive cases versus buying the cheaper case and a new psu. $60-$120 for the TruePower PSU's.
November 2, 2003 8:38:40 PM

Thanks for all your input. Looks like an Antec cases is very popular...I'll go with that.

One question: the Abit IS7 ports in the rear are different than the openings in the rear of the Antec SLK3700AMB. How do I obtain access to the audio and usb ports if they are covered by the old style port openings?

Any other comments or suggestions would be greatly apprectated.
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November 2, 2003 9:12:35 PM

The cover plate snaps out, a new one is included with the motherboard.

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