Light speed processors

<A HREF="" target="_new"></A> I'm kinda curious about this. Maybe I'll go hunting stuff up, unless one of you already knows something about the details of its workings?
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  1. I was doing some searching but really couldnt explain how ODSP chips or optical processing acutally works.
  2. im curious how much heat that thing produces, i dont know if it would be high or low? cs game server -
  3. This reminds me of the High-tech bubble days in Israel, people would become millionaires just from ideas, without anything working; companies traded in the stock market could multiply their net worth hundreds of times overnight and still not sell a thing.

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  4. Quote:
    "We don't rule out licensing our technology to others," Sariel said. "We are looking at a virtual production line where production is done by others and we provide testing equipment."

    I really hope both R&D and manufacturing stay inside the country despite western world manpower costs and socialist taxes.

    I'm a nuclear reactor cooling system programmer, if you see me running, it's probably already too late.
  5. Reminded me of my joke a year and over ago here about how the PC case will turn into a light show!

    "Ouch, my eyes!"

    <A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=blue><b>This just in, over 56 no-lifers have their pics up on THGC's Photo Album! </b></font color=blue></A> :lol:
  6. Who needs light shows. I want speed.
  7. I'm here. :)

    My system spec: Fast PC<A HREF="" target="_new"> 3D-2001 </A>
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  8. Bout time you made it.
  9. Here at the university, my ECE professor gave us a tour of their optical computing lab. They were making optical packet switches for networks. One optical packet switch had a throughput of 160 gbps with a latency of 3.1 ns. It's peak rated latency was 2 ns.

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  10. Sounds like some kool stuff they have.
  11. Till it gets bombed.....(sry, I had to say it :evil: )

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  12. Or tourched.
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