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Here's the symptom: Battery will not charge. Power indicator shows charging 6% then it goes to 0%. Notebook functions normally with the AC adapter. Charging board was replaced with a used working one. Any idea?
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  1. It would seem like either the used charging board is junk or you have yourself a bad battery. How old is the battery that you have in it now?
  2. Thanks for replying buwish,
    Use new and original both checked out
  3. Hello buwish and others reading this,
    As bunwish mentioned about the battery he was correct. The battery started getting hot the longer it was plugged in the ac adapter. If there was a short would it damage an IC on the motherboard? At "one o'clock" bottom right corner seem to get unusually hot comparing to the used Compaq n180
    I picked up a Compaq n180 which is suppose to be the same or is using the same parts. The case is pretty beat up. If I replace the the 2720 with n180's motherboard; use the same hard drive that's in the 2720; install the CPU that's on the the 2720 on to the new installed n180 motherboard?
    Do you think it would be wise to take the n180's charging board and install it on the 2720 mothebroard to check that the used board I install was defective?
    Lastly will the bios need to be change with the n180 motherboard and the hard drive that was in the 2720?
    Thanks once more to all
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