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I changed the ink cartridge in my lexmark 3400 series printer and now it wont do anything because it says "cover open" when its not. Ive tried everything...help!
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  1. See if you can find a sensor (may be optical, may be physical) and could be obscured by dust or jammed.
  2. Have you tried unplugging and replugging might reset itself.
  3. My ladyfriend had this problem. You'll notice a plastic triangle (long and thin) that connects to the back edge of the lower of the two 'covers' that you can lift up. Seemed odd that it was there but didn't seem to contact anything. Well, there's a tiny black plastic piece you can see by peeking into the back where that plastic finger (I'll call it) seems to aim, but never quite reaches. That black plastic piece has a small protuberance, which if you push in with a pencil, will make the printer make a hiccup sound. What ya gotta do is carve/cut a small piece of wood and jam it back against that small protuberance. Make it just wide enough that the friction on its sides in that location, keeps it up against that switch. And that'll do it. You have to remove that piece of wood, though, in order to get the ink cartridge to position itself in the middle of the printer so you can change it. Then put it back in and you won't get that "lid is open" or whatever message.
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