13.3" Laptop with DVD; LG T380 or HP ?

I am going for 13.3" Laptop with DVD and <= 2kg weight.

Must be inexpensive (low-end price range) and reliable. I think longer battery lifeis important, too.

I narrowed the brand to HP or LG.
LG T380 has 9-10 hours battery life (not to be confused with R380 which has 2.5 hour battery life).
I cannot find any user reviews of T380 though, and I do not know what is general reliability track record of LG laptops.

HP is solid brand, there are several 13.3" models,
but I cannot find 13.3" model laptop with >3 hours battery life and DVD.

Any suggestions ?
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  1. I'd go with LG over HP at present. HP has been having a LOT of issues the last 2 years with poor quality motherboards that fail just out of warranty. Buddy of mine had his fail in 13 months thankfully he bought an extended warranty
  2. As far as I can tell the LG Xnote T380 doesn't have an internal DVD drive.

    It also looks to be on the expensive side - not the low end you're looking at. What is your budget?
    Since its a more-than-a-year-old model you might be able to find it at bargain price. What price is it listed for in your area?
  3. It's ~ 1080 USD, and yes I confused something. T380 doesn't have interval DVD drive. I'm looking now at HP models.
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