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Well I have a problem and need suggestion. My wife and I have very similar computers. I have an ABIT Mobo (dont remember the model) she has an Asus (no model on this one either). I have a AMD Athlon 1.6 GHz processor and she has a AMD Atlon 1.8GHz processor. Now yesterday she decided she wanted to rearrange the house, so we did, moved computers and everything. Suddenly her machine would power on (light on the mobo and when you turn it on the lights on the keyboard flash, fans power on etc.) but it wont POST or do anything else. So being the electronics whiz that I am (whiz is read moron in this post) I swapped out my CPU for hers and neither would boot. When I put them back now mine wont work. I am worried that her mobo fried her chip then mine but am hoping for suggestions on this. Maybe somebody knows something that may help.

Help me! UGH!
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  1. Check the fans very carefully, clean the thermal paste off and reapply it. On the brightside, 1700+ chips are pretty damn cheap as is the a7n8x mobo :)~

  2. Seems to me that your wife's mobo fried both the cpu's.
    Well, you could take them to your supplier, the mobo isn't supposed to fry cpu's. The problem might be how to prove it's the mobo (taking a working CPU and frying it is a somewhat costly option). I have heard that some mobo manufacturers have had quality problems with capacitors; maybe the mobo could be repaired by replacing these. However, you're not gonna get my cpu to test this :smile:

    The other option is to buy a new mobo and 2 cpus and maybe new memory etc. :frown:
  3. Actually I would rate the odds of the cpu frying the chips as pretty low. It's definetly possible, but unlikely imo (Its damn rare) another thought occurs, as an after thought- is the chip in the right way and are all the pins still intact?

  4. Well, you get what you paid for, cheap AMD quality.

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  5. *yawn* troll or fanboy... who cares.

  6. becomming pretty common isn't it?

    Amd has no quality issues, but just make sure you are putting the cpus in the right way, properly clamping them and applying the heatsink properly. Also make sure you remember to plug in the heatsink fans into the mobo's fan header.

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  7. Yeah, AMD has no quality issues that's why there a bunch of posts in every forum asking for help cause their CPU fried or bit the dust some other way. Don't take my word for it go get one and find out for yourself.

    <b>P4 2.4C @ 3.0GHz 1.525V Stock HSF * Abit IS7 BIOS v1.3 * Corsair XMS 2x256MB PC3200 2-3-3-6 * GeForce4 Ti4200 AGP8X 128MB * SB Audigy 2 ZS * Logitech Z-680 THX 5.1 * Seagate Barracuda 80GB SATA</b>
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  9. <A HREF="http://processorfinder.intel.com/scripts/details.asp?sSpec=SL6Z3&ProcFam=483&PkgType=5882&SysBusSpd=6107&CorSpd=5371" target="_new">p4 2.4c</A>

    <A HREF="http://www.hothardware.com/hh_files/CCAM/amd_axp_3k+.shtml" target="_new">axp 3000+</A>

    Two equivelently performing cpus (barton 3000+ and p4 2.4c) the p4 runs a tad hotter, so i would say you dont have a clue man. Current signs point to the Athlon FX runing cooler than the prescott core too.

    If it isn't a P6 then it isn't a procesor
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  10. i think the majority of posts having problems with amd chips is due to the majority of people using amd chips when building their own computers. nice to see the thgc fools arent gone, keep up the good work.

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  11. There are Just as many Intel as Amd chip Messing up. Now Question is the Outlet which I seen fry a computer. When the couple Move there computer to the sons room which Move out and turn it on it on. Checking the outlet it was overloading the system with power. And the chip was blown. Its somewhere to look.

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  12. Your links didn't prove anything as far as real world situations are concerned, try again. There are 2500+ chips running in the 50's at idle let alone the 3000+ which is even worse. You'll never see a P4 go over 45 at idle, that's including the 3.2GHz since it has much better cooling design. Anyways, I'm not trolling I'm just pointing out the facts from personal experience, if you guys can't handle the heat then I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings talking about your beloved AMD processors.
  13. AMD lacked thermal protection,
    Now they HAVE thermal protection;
    AMD lacked good, stable chipsets,
    now they HAVE good stable chipsets;
    AMD had excellent price/performance ratio,
    Oh - they still do?

    if a 2500+ is running at 50* idle then it's been installed incorrectly. (possibly by you?)

    Just because (and I'm guessing here..) you f%cked up an installation of an AMD chip a few years ago, and can't accept the blame yourself, there's no need to go trolling around here with your completely irrellevant outdated opinions.

    I have owned a K6-2, a thunderbird athlon, a palomino athlon, and now have a thouroughbred athlon. I've not had a single problem which could in any way be blamed on AMD. VIA is a different matter, but their cock-ups are hardly AMD's fault.

    You're a blinkered troll. Get back under your bridge.

    <font color=red>The preceding text is assembled from information stored in an unreliable organic storage medium. As such it may be innacurate, incomplete, or completely wrong</font color=red> :wink:
  14. Define Irony:

    piii_Man being called an AMD lover. Maybe I'll change my name to XP Guy and start running smack about how awesome Prescott is...??...lol :^)

    I've read your posts before, and I am sorry that you couldn't successfully build on an AMD platform, but both companies built high quality, reliable products.

    Where there's a will, there's a way-even when it comes to screwing up.
  15. Oh shoot. Accidentally fed the troll. They're just so cute and they just wander up and ask for it. I just can't resist their innocent, ignorant begging.

    Where there's a will, there's a way-even when it comes to screwing up.
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