My chrome got problem cant hear any sound or youtube

can any one help me in chrome browser i cant hear any music videos sounds i reinstall it also reinstall flash player on the same day its start working after reinstalling all but next day its the same problem again please help i also end process of flash player by going in chrom background pages and apps working nothing happend

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  1. Can you hear sound when you don't use chrome? e.g. via Winamp or any other music/video player?

    Depending on what embedded software is being used to play the videos, try right-mouse clicking on the video and seeing if there is a Settings or Options button. If there is, check the audio might be able to change it here.

    Also, check the Playback Device setting via right-clicking the speaker icon at the bottom-right of your screen (taskbar)
  2. there is no option on video at youtube .my speakers works on all players only problem with chrome??????
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