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I have a laptop in which I am installing windows 7. The install stops at 73% or 87% and just hangs. pop disk out and it says please reinsert disk and then continues to hang. Disk is clean burn from ISO. ISO has been checked and that is good. Never have had this problem
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  1. Where did you get the iso from?
  2. From Microsoft Open E
  3. Some installs do appear to hang at various points - MS should let the user know exactly what is happening at all times during the install. Unfortunately, they don't and this will give the impression of a crash. I would try the install again (making sure you select format to clear out the previous partial install). If you are installing onto an HDD rather than a faster SSD then the install will be slow (even Win7). However, I've recently installed Win7 onto an SSD and also experienced considerable hangs.

    If it still fails try re-downloading the ISO just incase the check has missed something. Some laptops are more customised than others but most should allow you to do this.
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