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Hello,I have a new laptop with windows 7 and want to use my existing talktalk email address but cannot understand how to install this onto my system. I currently use outlook express but believe this is not compatible with windows7
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  1. You don't HAVE to use any version of Outlook Express immediately -- go to the Talk Talk mail website: and send and receive your e-mail from there.

    Doubtless, Win 7 includes a version of Outlook (or similar) and you will be able to set that up so that it works the same way as your present Outlook setup.

    Personally I wouldn't choose to go that way unless you have a lot of e-mail because offline mail incolves mail being downloaded to your computer before you can see it and decide to reject dodgy stuff.
  2. Windows 7 doesn't have a pre-installed email client.
    But its very easy to download Windows Live Mail, part of the Windows Live Essentials package.
    Live Essentials also gives you Live Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Writer, Toolbar, Family Safety. Everything is optional, you can install just Live Mail of the rest of what you might want.

    Once you have Live Mail installed, setup TalkTalk email as you would in Outlook Express. TalkTalk Email Settings
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