Acer 5738g hard drive dead, erecovery to new hard drive?

Hello,I recently bought an acer aspire 5738g running Win 7, I made a factory reset backup with erecovery. I was in a bit of a stressful situation when my mobile phone mysteriously violently connected with the keyboard of my laptop when it was on. Hard drive stopped working and was making weird noises (figured I'd broken the hard drive), I tried to open up the hard drive to 'fix' it but ended up breaking the vacumn seal and totally rendering the hard drive useless. I contacted acer and they said it would cost me £150 to replace the hard drive, I didn't think it would be worth buying a hard drive for £150 just to discover that something else was broken, so I kept the laptop and bought myself an acer 7736g. Since buying the new laptop I searched online for the exact harddrive to replace my broken one, I Googled the serial number and found the exact same drive for £50 on ebuyer! I think acer are a bunch of rip-off merchants for tripling the price. So I bought the drive off ebuyer, now I am going to have to use the 3 recovery DVDs I burned to recover the software etc to the new harddrive. Is this possible? Thankyou for your kind attention.
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  1. yes it should be possible. Just load whatever operating system you use onto the new hard drive. Load the backup program you used, and you should then be able to restore your stuff
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