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Recently, my Anti-Malware application quarantined the following, stating they were all "high risk" objects:

1) C:\Users\Mitch\AppData\Roaming\nisizr.dll

2) C:\Users\Mitch\AppData\Roaming\meren.dll

3) C:\Users\Mitch\AppData\Roaming\Exvea\pepi.exe

Since then the following message appears upon rebooting for 1) and 2) ONLY:

"The specific module could not be found"

Is it possible 1) and 2) are not true viruses but are necessary and needed for Windows to function properly and 3) is a true virus, based upon the messages upon rebooting? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Get into the Anti-Malware quarantine folder, then restore these files.
  2. what is this anti-malware application that you use?
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