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Hey guys,

I bought a samsung 40" lcd series 5 tv and "nano" brand 5.1 surround sound system with receiver. I've scoured the internet in search of a website for these speakers but can't find anything..i should mention that they are a Thailand brand company.

I don't know much about home audio so this may be a stupid question. On the back of receiver there are only 2 sets of hook set is cd, dvd, and aux..just the average left right plug ins...the other is ac3 5.1 channel input with 5 rca plugs also red and white. No hdmi, s=video or anything else......Right now i have the system hooked up to the tv by running those 5 cables out of the ac3 into one male headphone cable (audio out,headphone jack) on the tv.

The stereo sounds good, but I know it's not proper surround sound. I've just been to the shop and they say i need to buy a hdmi dvd player. I understand what they mean(those 5 ac3 plugs will plug into the dvd player, then into the tv via hdmi) but what I don't get is when i use the pc or xbox that are hooked up to the can i make those in full 5.1? since they are different inputs from the dvd player....

any help would be much appreciated

this isn't the exact same tv since it's an asian version..but virtually the same..
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  1. the 3.5mm headphone jack on the tv is only ever going to output stereo sound. in order to get surround sound out of the receiver you will need a device which outputs via component cables or via some hdmi or optical and a conversion box to translate to component.

    if you wish to hook multiple devices to this receiver you will need to use multiple switches or swap the cables every time since there is only one input.

    in any case you are likely to end up with alot of different converters and equipment.

    the easiest option is to have an actual receiver which can take multiple hdmi and component signals. for instance, the model i have has 3 hdmi inputs and one hdmi output to the television. everything is a breeze without any conversion boxes.

    perhaps buying a thailand low end speaker set was not such a good idea? it might be more trouble than it is worth (in monetary savings that is).

    just my 2 cents..
  2. Thanks for the reply mate...since i've posted this i've talked to a few people who generally agree with you...i got the tv and stereo set together 2nd hand from an american leaving the price was definitely right. At the end of the day this stereo sounds great for tunes and decent for movies...Buying a new reciever that's capable of proper surround sound will cost me over 300 it's not worth it in my opinon...I'll just live with this....I really appreciate your response....cheers!
  3. To be less vague....I paid 15000 baht (roughly 450 us)for tv and alone is 16000 baht right now brand new....
  4. well, consider this:

    by the time you go through getting all of the different cables and adapters you might need it is not hard to spend $100USD (3080thb)

    you can buy off branded receivers brand new for around $120USD (3696thb) or buy a refurbished or used name brand for around the same.
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