Wait for next generation 04 grafic and cpu to com?

I'm going to buy a new computer in 3 week and I was wandering if it is more preferable to wait for the next gen Intel P5 that are supposed to comme out late this year.. and also wait for the next generation video card... (if they come this year).. I have a approximative budget of 3200 $CAN tax included.. what do you guys recommand me??
I just want to play Doom3, HL2 and WoW at their highess level whitout anyway problem.

I just don't want to buy a technology for 3200$CAN that is going to be outdated 2 month later...
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  1. I upgraded my puter this July. P4 2.4C IS7 Mobo. HyperX PC3500. That's past 2 months works fine for everygame out there. Vid Card TI4200.
  2. How long can you wait before you buy new puter? Do you need it in 3 weeks or can you wait.
  3. Well, I can wait until one of these game are released (doom3/hl2/World of warcraft)
  4. The key to getting a system that will play any given game well is wait as long as you possibily can before you buy. The longer you wait the better price to performance you will get. I would suggest waiting till Jan/Feb at least and then having a looksee.

  5. Prescott is due end of this year. But sometime 1st half 04 they will go with new chipset for Mobos.
  6. It's damn hard to wait until Q1 2004 lol.. especially when you have all the money ready to spend in your hands...

    Anyway, thank you guys.
  7. My next upgrade will be somtime 2005. Going with Tejas.
  8. The Prescott launch has been slow and hasn't gone really smoothly yet. Not to say that it won't be a fine choice, just something to consider. Also, I may be wrong, but I think I read that the initial Scottys will be slower than the high-end p4's. Somebody corroborate/refute please. I am slightly partial to AMD, but so far the 64 bit chips are too expensive for what they offer, especially with new sockets in the works.

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  9. Mmhh.. well.. if I consider that I don't really need a new computer until one of these game is out (Doom3/HL2/WOW)I prefer to wait, get more money and buy something faster in 2-3 month.. what do you guys think of that??
  10. It's the Golden rule: The longer you wait, the more performance you can get for the same money, or you can spend less money to get the same performance.

    So wait as long as you can.

    I'm waiting to see how HL2 runs on my system before I decide whether to upgrade or not. (I have a Athlon XP, 512Mb DDR and a Geforce Ti4600)

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  11. Good idea. Longer you wait the better the pc, if you could wait till Tejas and the next gen graphics cards you be better off yet, but thats probally a bit extreme... and there is always something new. Wait until D3 comes out or WOW, after that pick up a new pc.

  12. Sounds like a good plan to me on waiting. That will give you more money as you stated.
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