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I hope I am not posting in the wrong forum.

I am using XP Pro SP3 and my laptop is Sony VAIO VGN-FZ140E

About 2 years back I found drivers for the subject laptop for XP. Took me about 1 full month almost because at that time SONY was only offering/supporting drivers for Vista.

I have misplaced the CD on which I had backed up the collected drivers. I plan to format my laptop and do a fresh installation. I'm currently using XP and a number of features are still not working so I will probably end up with Windows 7 (unless I can use all the features under XP).

Also under Device Manager I have many drivers which show up when I select 'Show Hidden Devices'.

Can someone please help me find the latest drivers for XP and Windows 7 for my laptop. Will be extremely grateful.
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  1. I have to say I wonder about Sony -- people pay a premium price for the brand and the support seems patchy.

    If the model concerned was available while XP was still current then drivers should be available on the Sony website.

    Given Sony's record I would be dubious about expecting them to provide new Win 7 drivers for an older computer, so I'd hold off updating to Win7.
  2. I TOTALLY agree with your comments. Appreciate your reply. Unless I hot a jackpot, I'll probably go with your advice regarding holding off the update to Win7.

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