What can I get for $1500?

I will spend max. $1500 on a new PC. I need the following components:

Power supply
Hard drive
Video card
Sound card
CD burner
Floppy drive

I mostly use my PC for business purpose, but sometimes I also play games like FIFA or Mohaa.

What will you recommend I buy for the money?

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  1. You'll get plenty of recommendations on this one from people less busy than I, but the main point is this: with your budget and today's prices, you can get a very nice machine for that price. Intel v. AMD and how sweet a video card you want (you generally get what you pay for) are going to be central concerns.

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  2. Intel Pentium4 2.6C processor w/ Abit IS7 would be a good place to start. Two sticks of at least PC3200 memory, in this case.
  3. ATi 9600 Pro would be a good buy for graphics card.
  4. $1500 will get you a good puter. Check prices with New Egg. Do you plan on Ocing your Cpu?
  5. Buy at least a 400 watt Psu or better. Buy brand name not cheapo.
  6. No, I don't have any plans about ocing my CPU.
  7. nothing... I say save an extra 1000$ and buy a really decked out g5 mac... That is, only if you actually want to get work done!
  8. for 2,500 bux he could get a dual opteron server hehe. Thats like someone looking to buy a car for $22,500 and telling them instead of buying the dodge neon to save up 20 grand and get an E class merc.

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  9. yes I agree but like mercedes are to cars, apple is to computers.. it's worth the extra money for the much superior quality
  10. gg5 you must be mental cause apple are crap for price/performace, they make intel look like a true bargain. Apple are mainly used in special programs for retarted people and dowmsyndromes they are for people with no intellogance your spastic moron g5 inside.

    If he doesn't die, he'll get help!!!
  11. Holy sh!t!!

    I'm agreeing with rramjet...

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  12. Quote:
    nothing... I say save an extra 1000$ and buy a really decked out g5 mac... That is, only if you actually want to get work done!

    More gross misinformation. Windows XP is very stable, thank you... the only thing I've had to reboot for are Windows updates. Oh and incidentally, my work machine is a 1GHz Athlon... with a VIA KT133 chipset... AND IT'S ROCK SOLID STABLE!

    I get plently of work done, and since everyone I work with also uses Windows-based PCs, I don't have to worry about incompatible file formats. (Well, except maybe for IBM... for some reason they still INSIST on using Lotus 1-2-3 instead of Excel.)

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  13. Please define 'business purpose'. if that means, just some office and internet stuff, its a non issue. Any current PC will give you adequate performance. Mohaa and FIFA should also run nicely on pretty much any PC you can buy today (well, excluding maybe the VIA C3 :)

    So, I would suggest not spending more than necessary on the cpu, you really don't need an FX or EE. Instead, spend some more money on plenty of quality RAM, a good and silent PSU and a good (silent) HSF), decent case, and if you're not yet owning one, especially a good monitor.

    Anyway, I'd get a Barton 2800+ with a good nForce2 board like the Asus A7N8X Deluxe, plenty of RAM of your preferred brand (768 or 1 Gig, I wouldnt get anything less). I'd get a Radeon 9600 card, which will be plenty for your needs, yet not too expensive, and a ~80 GB 7200 RPM harddisk of your preferred brand. other suggestions include Enermax for the PSU, Corsair for the RAM and Lian Li for the case.

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  14. By 'business purpose' I mean Office, Internet and webgraphic in Adobe Photoshop og Paint shop pro. I think your (bbaeyens) suggestion is very good, that was also what I had on my mind. But I would prefer an Intel CPU, because I have had problems before with AMD.
  15. > because I have had problems before with AMD.

    I doubt you had problems with "amd". Maybe you've had bad experience with a crappy VIA chipset (like the KT133), maybe you didn't install the cpu correctly, but like I said, I can't see how you could have had trouble with their cpu's. If you think you had anyway, please explain. Anyway, the first issue is easy to get around by getting an nVidia nForce chipset, the second one by leting someone else install the thing for you..

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  16. I have to agree with bbaeyens, the nfoce2 chipset is crazy stable and is wonderfully priced. Chipset makes all the difference in the world, you can buy intel and get a crappy chipset there too. Buying a Pentium 4 does not mean stability (although there are extremely stable chipsets for intel too.) For the money you can't beat a solid Nforce2 board with a Barton Chip. Good Luck
  17. CPU <b>P4 2.6C Retail - $175</b>
    Motherboard - <b>Abit IS7 $98.99</b>
    RAM <b>Buffalo Technology 512MB PC3700 $93x2 = $186</b>
    Case - <b>ANTEC Performance PLUSVIEW LE (no PSU) - $89</b>
    Power supply - <b>Fortron - FSP400PFN 400W Power Supply $66.99</b>
    Hard drive - <b>MAXTOR 160GB 7200RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive Model 6Y160M0 8MB OEM $139</b>
    Video card - <b>Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro OEM - $429</b>
    Sound card - <b>Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 - PCI OEM $68</b>
    CD-rom - <b>Lite-On 16X DVD ROM - OEM $31.99</b>
    CD burner - <b>Lite On 52x32x52 CDRW - $38</b>
    Floppy drive - <b>Sony OEM 3.5" Drive - $7</b>

    total: $1328.97

    All prices from Newegg.com

    Install the bits, and you should be able to OC your FSB to AT LEAST 233Mhz, which'll give you a nice high-bandwidth 3.02Ghz P4. You could switch the RAM for some PC4000 stuff, or possibly overclock the PC3700, (or run the ram Asynch maybe) perhaps by raising the VDimm Voltage slightly to get even further.

    The CPU and motherboard can both take 250FSB (1Ghz QDR) - it'll only be the RAM that holds you back, or possibly the CPU cooler, but a decent cooler isn't going to cost much. At 250FSB you'll have a 3.25Ghz P4 that'll <i>seriously</i> eat up anything you can throw at it.

    Also, you could easily overclock the 9800Pro to 9800XT levels at least, quite possibly higher.

    If you have no intention of overclocking, then replace the RAM with 1Gb of PC3200 and get a faster stock P4, but the 2.6 Oced to 3.2 will in fact be faster than a stock 3.2Ghz P4 anyway (higher FSB=more bandwidth)

    I've not heard anything (good or bad) about the buffalo RAM to be honest, so you could maybe replace it with some other make PC3700 stuff, just make sure to get 2x512Mb so you can enjoy all the benifits of Dual channel. I'll let other ppl make suggestions about that.

    Aside from that, All the other components are pretty damn' good I reckon. Although of course there'll be plenty of comments/critisism from others I'm sure :smile:

    BTW - This rig is severe overkill for simple browsing, word, excel, etc.. I can spec you a system that'll do all that for near $500 if you like :smile:

    But if Half Life 2 is anywhere as good as most hope (me included) then you'll be able to see it in all its lovely glory, and be glad you have the power to spare.

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  18. I have heard that some of bufflos dimms use winbound bh5/ch5 memory chips.

    If it isn't a P6 then it isn't a procesor
    110% BX fanboy
  19. You are right, they are pointlessly expensive. Why not get a Dodge SRT-4 (i.e., AMD)?? It'll get you to point B from point A just as faster, if not faster, gets better gas mileage, costs less and is much easier to tune (i.e., OC). Or maybe you could buy two or three SRT4s.

    You also could get a Lancer EVO 8 (i.e., Intel), outrun both the Merc and the SRT4, but pay 30000 (SRT4 is 20000, all decent Mercs are 40000+). Oh yeah, you can tune the bejeezes out of it. And again gas mileage is better.

    Of course we all know the dualie Opteron is the fastest available processing unit available (something more like a Ferrari Enzo on sale for 630000 dollars off, meaning it would still cost less than the Merc).

    Damn Rambus.
  20. As you can see <b>moso97ad</b>, $1500 is TOO much for your purposes. But you say "max", meaning is not NECESSARY to spend all the money. And NO overclocking in mind.

    So to everybody, let's do a reasonable config! My votes:

    <b>Mobo</b>: Asus A7N8X Deluxe
    <b>CPU</b>: XP 2500 Retail, cheap and with garanty.
    <b>Memory</b>: 2x512Mb brand memory CAS 2.5 (crucial, kingston, etc.) PC3200. That way you can run it at PC2700 at best timmings. (I suppose you run Windows XP, a memory hungry beast)
    <b>GPU</b>: ATI 9600 Pro, best bang for the buck, DX9 and enough power for ocasional gamer.
    <b>Audio</b>: don't know if you play too much and are able to set up a good speakers on your enviroment ... but I would try onboard sound, you can always but a sound card later if you need it.
    <b>Hard Disc</b>: 160Gb brand name. Don't know if you have a big collection of photos, music, films, ... but anyway, a HD is something you never have too much :wink: . Take a big one, do 3 partitions: 1.for OS and applications 2.for saving image copies of partition 1, GREAT as a backup and against virus, software that unconfigures you computer, etc and 3.for all your files (image, music, videos) and games.

    My 2 cents :cool:

    Still looking for a <b>good online retailer</b> in Spain :frown:
  21. I was just trying to negate G5_inside...but that config is a great buy for the money, I would only recommend that he think of getting a DVD/CD-RW combo drive--samsung makes a nice one.

    Damn Rambus.
  22. If money wasn't a factor we would all be in la la land! The choices are like fish in the ocean when it comes to computers. The best advice I can give you is do it like I did (which is what you are doing I presume)Read and decifer the peoples and experts reviews. For $1500 you can definitely get a very high end system. I spent about $11-1200 and here is what i got from NewEgg.com.

    Mobo: P4P800 Deluxe
    CPU: 2.8 P4 @800FSB
    Memory: CorsairXMS dual channel PC3200 (512 total)
    Graphics Card: Fx5900
    Case: Thermaltake full tower

    Add. Comments; You could even get a better or best graphics card from ATI or Nvidia, 1 GB memory(the best),and a totally awesome speaker system and Audigy 2 sound card. Also, be aware that NewEgg.com is my very favorite buying site with Fed Ex shipping and constantly dropping prices on what you are buying always..++++++ rated. there are others out there also. Have a good time! and good luck!
  23. Really it depends on the person. Some people are into High end Muisc or some are into high end Gaming. Me I m into both. But My soundcard was going out. Soundblaster Live. 5 years running sucks and no money dont help lol. Now waiting for my Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro with its set of speakers. But I was working on surround sound. And my Stereo dont do surround sound. My next upgrade. My Stereo and it speakers. By the time I get done with the stereo Opteron and Intel should hit .09 Micron and windows 64 should be out.

    So how you should look at your computer
    Look at the older Reviews of Amd and Intel. Then go ok What am I going to do on this computer. Then pick the fastest for you from the Reviews. Go to other sites Like Techtv and Acehardware. Go from there. Then look at the hardware. Now is this a Gaming machine. Or a art and cart Machine or Muisc. Or is it all into one machine.

    Everyone is right if something wrong just upgrade that one part as long as it is the sound card or the video card.
  24. Also, if sound quality is important, then avoid SOME of the onboard sound solutions.

    The AC'97 audio on my system was horrible (no bass, lots of system interference), so I threw in an ancient SB16 (CT 4740) sound card; the improvement was immense.

    I know that all onboard sound solutions aren't as bad as mine, but it is worth plugging in a sound card to see if there is any difference.

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  25. Motherboard - Asus P4C800 Deluxe - 157.00
    Processor - Intel Pentium 4 2.6C HT 800FSB - 169.00
    Ram - Corsair Matched TWINX1024-3200C2 - 232.00
    Hard Disk - WD CavSE SATA WD200JD 200GB 8MB 7200RPM - 181.00
    Video Card - Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb - 302.00
    Sound Card - Creative Audigy2 - 71.00
    CD-RW - Lite On 52x24x52x CD-RW - 40.00
    DVD-RW - Sony DWU-10A - 155.00
    Speakers - Altec Lansing 251 5.1 6Pc - 58.00
    Floppy - Teac 1.44 Floppy Drive - 12.00
    Case/PS - Antec Lanboy w/Window & Blue Light - 84.00
    Mouse/KB - Logitech Cordless MX DUO - 68.00
    -- Total: $1525.00 (Includes S&H) --

    I could cut the $25 by changing the ram, but I don't want to. That is a hell of a good system with very high quality components. This pc will run any business application you have like a blowtorch melts butter and will run any game you want. Also it has both a dvd-burner (does both dvd+r/rw and dvd-r/rw) and cd-rw. Enjoy :)

    Shadus<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by shadus on 11/14/03 08:56 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  26. hay I agree Captainnemo. I m just pointing out that each of us has differnt idea what a system needs to be.
  27. You could get Athlon 64 3200 or 3.2 ghz regular p4 for $1500 if you get a mid range vid card instead of high end one
  28. Nice rig, but I'm not sure a $70 sound card would be a good choice for him. As a business user and occasional gamer myself, most onboard sounds solutions are adequate. My personal opinion is that the NF2 Boards with the MCP-T are great sound solutions (usually) and come with the added benefit of being affordable and the fastest inexpensive AMD (READ: Non-A64) solution around.

    Where there's a will, there's a way-even when it comes to screwing up.
  29. I know this is a bit off topic but...

    If I had that much money to use on "computer stuff" I would get one of these:
    <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproduct.asp?DEPA=1&submit=Go&description=VP191s,viewsonic" target="_new">19" LCD</A>

    $1500 - $709 = $791 left for the computer

  30. dude what I was Pointing out. was this it depends on the person. And right now who wants to get riped off. Or dumb to do so.
  31. There is no need to apologise/clarify when someone expands on something you have said. It isn't a contest.

    Everyone has different needs (I don't need a sound card for what I do); I was just suggesting that people make sure what they are missing out on when they opt for some on the onboard sound solutions (as I did).

    "Some mice have two buttons. Macintosh has one. So it's extremely difficult to push the wrong button." - Apple ad. circa 1984.
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