Laptop Power Connection Issue

Hi, Community!

I am having an issue when connecting my power adapter to my laptop. It doesn't occur on every occasion, but when I connect my adapter my laptop will restart itself and I have no idea why it does this.

If anyone has any info about this sort of issue, please provide me with assistance on how to resolve this.

Thanks, in advance!
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  1. This sounds like either a broken adapter or broken power jack...

    Does the power jack (placed where you insert the plug to your computer) wiggle at all? Does power cut in/out if you move it?
  2. It does not wiggle and it does not cut in/out if it's moved. If I connect the power adapter before I start my laptop then the laptop will not restart. It will restart if I disconnect the power while the laptop is running(or connect it after my laptop has started) and it results with a blue screen and an error message.

    I guess the next step is to provide you with that exact error message when it happens again?

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