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Can someone please tell me which program sholud I use to update firmware on Samsung printer? (SCX-4720F)

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  1. First see if there is new firmware for your printer on the Samsung site -- if so, with it or in the same section will be a loader program. Read the accompanying instructions carefully.
  2. Hello

    Thank you for your replay.
    On the Samsung site there is no firmware at all for my model. I found FW on the net, but there is no loader in .rar file with FW. I have a problem, with my printer paper jam 1. I try to test sensors in test menu and feed sensor is not responding, so I replace feed sensor but sensor is still not responding. So I think the problem is in firmware.

    Best Regards
  3. I think I would avoid anything other than Samsung's official code. Especially if you are uncertain about how to load it -- you risk rendering the printer unusable.
  4. I think it is offical samsung code. In .rar file is also offical release note .txt . I accept risk if printer will be unusable after FW upgrade. It is 6 years old and I get it for free, in the authorized service center they want 90€ for FW upgrade. So I will try to update it myself and if it will work OK, if not I will thrown it away.
    I am looking for that program, it was on orginal CD disk with printer which I do not have it.

  5. You can get a new printer for 114 euros from Dell.
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