How's that? 4x1.5Ghz Madison...

Just thought I'd let you guys know, in case you're curious about servers! :smile: ...

The physics institute I work in is currently in the process of upgrading their main high-performance computing servers. They're <i>(I mean, the guys in control of the money, heh)</i> currently considering that which is cheapest and most readily available: a few dual-Xeon configs with lots of memory. They're also considering setting up 14 72GB SCSI hard disks (1+ TB) as a storage array, and will be purchasing one tape system that'll probably have several terabytes of storage capacity...

But anyway, I think that the most interesting thing is the custom-configured <A HREF="" target="_new">HP rx5670</A> which will be purchased... Its configs are:

<b>4x1.5Ghz</b>, 6MB-cache <b>Itanium 2s</b> (Madison)
<b>16GB</b> of system memory (by far the most expensive item here!)
<b>36GB SCSI</b> hard disk (don't remember the specs exactly, though... no RAID on this server... I suggested it, let's see what the powers-that-be think)

Now if we do get this, I'd looove to set up some benchmark source code (or use some) and compile it for those Itaniums... Try and see if POV-Ray really is that much absurdly faster, as some said on the net...

Which actually brings me to a question... Has anyone had any contact with anyone working with Itanium 2s?

As for opteron, well, people in the server segment always tend to be a little suspicious of completely new architectures... Itanium is already of age... So we're not really considering Opteron, although we thought about it for some time...

Any comments at all would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. What is the adress to the location af that new server?
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  2. what is the total system cost going to be?

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  3. Have you guy's checked Sun Micro?
  4. Erm... while a similarly-configured rx5670 on hp's site wouldn't exceed 70 or maybe 80 thousand dollars, this quad-Itanium server will exceed $100,000 easily because of import taxes and such - the whole system will probably cost twice those amounts... In either case, the Itanium processors themselves don't account for more than 10-15% of the system price.

    Not cheap at all, mind you... it's not a power PC, it's a server/simulator... And it's for the whole physics institute.

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  5. We have, but we have found their offers to be uninteresting at this point... I mean, I didn't look into it personally, but there was this guy who did...

    Maybe I'll check on that in more detail later...

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  6. I'm mainly interested in seeing how well the IA64 machines perform running sub optimal code. Properly compiled and PGO-ed code flies on those machines, no question aboout it; however, it would be interesting to see how a crude recompile of for isntance, old fortran code runs.

    A friend of mine is doing his "doctorate" (whats that in english ?) at our local university on some mathlab cross compiler, and he hates their (dual 1 GHz) Itanium machine as it will only produce decent performance after 24 hours of PGO-ing. He just can't afford to run PGO all the time while he is still working on his code.. Without PGO, he gets better performance on 2 or 3 year old IBM power4 machines and often even on his dual Athlon MP workstation.. Be interested to hear if you get similar results.

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  7. Yes, I see what you mean... but for some people around here, a 24-hour wait is a short one... some simulations run for several weeks before anything interesting pops up.

    One more thing though, is that "Matlab" might use code that is not Itanium-optimised... so doing a "crappy" compilation would be to actually use Intel's compilers to process the source code. This is presumably not too hard to do, but it remains to be seen.

    Besides, the 1.5Ghz is considerably more advanced than the 1.0Ghz... so I'm very curious... I also think that the new software emulation layer named FX32 for IA64 will bring new light to this... Too bad it has been delayed to 2004.

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  8. What's their price limit?
  9. What are they doing with the old servers?

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  10. That's... that's a really good question. I don't know! I'll find out...

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  11. I'm not sure that there is an exact limit. The project just has to be approved by the government, as it's funded by the state... So if you can find a really good reason to, you can spend more money...

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  12. A friend of mine is doing his "doctorate" (whats that in english ?)

    It doctorat in french it kind of world wide word.

    I dont like french test
  13. It will be nice to test Hp compiler vs Intel compiler as big software use differente compiler.Intel string on FPU and Hp strong on INT.If you friend got a E8870 chipset i guess a benchmark on stream can be made vs ZX1 of this systemes.

    Question that a 4*1 or 2*2 setting.

    I dont like french test
  14. Too bad it has been delayed to 2004.

    are you sure about that i just see a prensentation of final release of it on the net.If that the case win AMD 64 will be delay.

    I dont like french test
  15. Check out Sun's Sun Fire V880Z Visualization Server. Under entry level. $125,000. 32 Gigs of Ram.
  16. sun are not really fast i dont even know if they are faster that a Madison that emulate X86.

    I dont like french test
  17. Yes, as far as I know, Sun is not really that fast right now... As for FX32, I think I saw this delay somewhere, but I might check on that too...

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  18. Sun is working on new Cpus. Do not now when it will be released. Ace's Hardware has article on their new Cpu's.
  19. Hand me a Towel I just wet myself. You see Shad has caused me such a frontal lobe melt down with his drivel that all that googly stuff you just mentioned made my shorts soggy!! But in a good way ;) chained SCSI hard drives with a tape backup...drool. A used 25 Gig SCSI up here in Canada goes for around $150.00 bucks depending on where you can get one and a Brand new Maxtor IDE 30 Gig goes for 99 bucks. Just the thought of having 14 SCSI High end high capacity drives strung together almost makes me want to do the train at a local disco. Unfortunately I would have to shoot myself afterwards.
  20. ROFL! Love your sense of humour! :lol:
    made my shorts soggy!! But in a good way ;)

    Funny thing, I wasn't aware that there was a good way for that to happen! :smile:
    almost makes me want to do the train at a local disco.

    Aaah yes, but you see, that's the beauty of it. Later on, you can just say "man, I was drunk" and have a big laugh about that!

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  21. Well let me put this into words everyone can understand. I have a friend down in Texas I am up in Canada he lives down on a 4000 acre ranch and runs the whole place for the owner who he only ever see's when the guy fly's into the ranch because it has it's own runway.

    Well this friend had an Intel 800 Cpu and a SCSI hard drive and I believe CD Rom, all plugged into a SCSI card into the PCI slot or slots.

    Well for the last 5 years he has whooped players online in first person shooters with that old system he built seven years ago.

    He took a heart attack last year shortly after he found out Black Hawk Down would not even run on his system because of CPU speed. Min 1 Gig or some such nonsense.

    I was considering upgrading my own home P.C so I pulled the ASUS A7V board out and the Thunderbird 1.0 CPU with it put it into a new box with a new used CD Rom 52X and a Floppy with a 30 Gig Maxtor hard drive also used but solid and proven. Also he was lucky I had a 64 MB MX AGP Nvidia card lying around.

    I installed Windows 98 for him because he was used to that Operating system and he also used 2 Modem cards running in shotgun mode out from the Ranch on Copper line.

    Anyways he could use the new system I fed ex'ed down to him to play Black hack Down, but he was amazed that yes the new CPU would load and play BHD and that yes it was a slightly larger drive at 30 Gig but he told me many times on the phone that the old SCSI system used to work faster opening different application etc.
    He was so used to access on demand that he was finding it annoying to have to wait to get into programs. The new used Maxtor was a 7200 rpm too not a 5200.

    I have had other examples with SCSI systems that have just amazed me and one day when I can afford to do it right and my Wife cant see it on the bank statements I will build a new SCSI system for my personnel enjoyment.

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