How to connect a PC to HDTV with HDMI

I have a E3D420VX Vizio. I want to connect it to my PC as another display.

I have a HDMI cord, a DVI cord, and a DVI to VGA adapter. (in case i can't even use HDMI)

The TV has a VGA connection in the back as an option.

My PC is using an HD 5770 as its GPU.

Does anyone know how to get this set up to work?
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  1. Turn off the PC.
    Turn off the HDTV.
    Connect the PC to the TV using the HDMI cable.
    Power on the PC.
    Power on the HDTV.
    Change the HDTV input to the HDMI input the PC is connected to.

    This should work. However, ATI (stupidly in my opinion) automatically sets any display connected via HDMI as the primary display. If there is an issue with the display on your HDMI connected HDTV, there is no easy way of correcting it.

    Note: You may need to go into AMD Vision Engine Control Center and set up multiple displays in extended mode.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Now I did this exact same thing and it blacks out my main monitor. To get any picture at all, I have to unhook my monitor to the computer and run it in safe mode.

    (for some reason, my HDTV STILL won't keep a picture once Windows is fully booted, ie it will go black after the windows logo appears)

    Another question. Where would I go in AMD Control Center to do this? I'm looking and can't see any options?

    Also I'm not able to even use Control Center when its in Safe mode (again, the only mode i can even see my PC in when its set up via HDMI to my TV)?
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