3DMark06 Benchmark issue

I just got a Sager M980NU with a T9400 and Dual Nvidia GTX 280M's in SLI. I also have a Dell XPS M1730 with a X9000 (stock) and Dual Nvidia GTX 8800M's in SLI. I just ran 3DMark06 to benchmark my new system and compare it to the speed of my much older Dell and was shocked by the scores.

Sager: 11452 (avg. of 3 runs)

Dell: 12865 (avg. of 3 runs)

I used the exact same Nvidia driver also. I don't understand the score. The Sager should blow the Dell out of the water considering the 280's are two generations newer then the 8800's. Is there something wrong with this system or the graphics cards? Should I contact Sager or Xotic? I don't understand why it's so slow. I wouldn't of wasted $2000 if the performance was going to be worse then the Dell.

Any help would be appreciated in understanding these scores.

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  1. Don't compare them only with a software like 3D mark,run some games and test the FPS in both
  2. I would check both your BIOS and your display settings (NV control panel) and make sure that SLI is enabled on the Sager. If you believe notebookcheck.net, a single GTX 280M should score around 11 or 12K in 3dmark 06 depending on your CPU (they had Quad cores in their test laptops). So it sounds to me like only one card is enabled.

    Single card benchmarks: http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-280M.14558.0.html

    Dual card: http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-280M-SLI.17191.0.html
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