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Upgrade a work machine on the cheap.

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November 6, 2003 4:58:21 PM

My machine at work is a Dell Precision 420 with:
dual P3 CPUs at 800 MHz (Coppermine, I think)
2x128MB PC800 ECC RAM (Toshiba THMR1E8E)
unkown video card in the AGP slot.

Can I upgrade the memory cheaply and what kind of video card can I add? Anyone know the motherboard type?

Or should I just suck it up and get a new machine?

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November 6, 2003 9:58:19 PM

Nearly any video card should work, the RDRAM motherboards for PIII should support 1.5v AGP signals native to AGP4x.

PC800 is a type of RDRAM and is old enough that it should be relatively inexpensive.

Your CPU's are definately Coppermine cored.

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November 8, 2003 4:05:19 PM

Thanks for the advice Crashman.

I thought that PC800 would be cheap too, but from looking at and 512MB of ECC PC800 is almost $250. I wanted to upgrade to 1 GB of memory, and obviously, I could get my bosses to spring for a whole new machine from Dell for not much more than that.

Anyone know where I can find cheap ECC PC800?
November 8, 2003 4:31:49 PM

try ebay......

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