Samsung LED TVs Dimming issue

I have recently bought an ES8090 40inch TV and there is one problem with it:

The TV has a dimming issue: each time there is a dark scene the TV also dims the white parts - this is most annoying when in the middle of a movie in a dark scene the subtitles also dim. I have checked and it happens in the other Samsung 2012 LED TVs - I have tried playing with all the setting it doesn't help much (Game Mode mitigates the issue a bit) - I have wrote Samsung and they have acknowledged the issue. I have read somewhere that using the Movie picture mode solves this - and this is true, but I can't use it either because the White colors in this mode have a brownish look - if anyone can help me resolve this - maybe by playing with the White Balance or the 10p White Balance settings - I tried but I don't know the right mixture and they turn even stranger.

FYI - I have checked multiple TVs in stores and they all have this dimming issue and Samsung have confirmed it via email as well.
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  1. and my sony ccfl backlit tv does the same thing. there is a reason for this.

    most televisions are either ccfl backlit or backlit by leds around the edge. since they are all tied together and dim or brighten uniformly they alter the output to match the majority of what is on screen.

    for instance.. if the scene is bright daylight and you have a black object going across it then that black object will look dark grey since the backlighting is strong. if you have a dark scene with a light object going across it then the light object will be darker than it should be.

    if the television did not do this then your dark scene would look dark grey and not black.

    now, there might be a way to turn this off, but i haven't figured it out yet. i would like to set the brightness manually and deal with the grey "blacks". if you figure out a lead post it so we can all read into it.

    i dont think it has to do with white balance. i think it has to do with an "auto-dimming" or "auto-backlight" or some sort of processing the television does to figure out what backlighting value to set. unless of course the two values correspond somehow.

    now... they do make televisions with local dimming backlights which are the tvs with a grid of leds behind the screen which brighten or dim in blocks instead of a complete package. this would reduce the effect as the television would look at each individual block and calculate what backlighting output it should use. i have only seen this on top of the line televisions so far though.
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