5.1 speakers, adapter and I (aye)


I'm having trouble with my current system.

I have a Asus Xonar DG sound card and 5.1 speakers.

I recently built my new system about a month ago. I've disabled the onboard sound card via BIOS. I've installed the latest drivers (I checked 3 times for all the necessary drivers). I've configured and tested (via xonar dg, windows sound and windows media centre) the speakers to 5.1. When I say tested, I mean the rear two speakers produces sound.

Now, when I play music (currently, the only player I use is windows media player) or watch videos on the internet (e.g. youtube), the speakers are only playing in 2.1.
However, SOME games play in 5.1. Blue-ray plays in 5.1 as well.

Ok, so I have an adapter (I used to only have access to a laptop, no desktop, which didn't have the front, centre/bass and rear) and I use it. NOW I get 5.1 from any source; exception - when I watch blue-ray dvd's, I only hear the background sound with the voices muted (this is fixed when I use the three connectors instead of the adapter).

So, some sources/players don't always use 5.1? Howcome, if I use the adapter, the 2.1 turns into 5.1? I read somewhere (on this forum, maybe) that (maybe) the rear two speakers only "copy" the front two, so you don't actually get 5.1? *edit: aha! ssddx said it*

Also, what would connecting the sound card directly to the gpu do? Blow it up? Apparently I can connect the two using HDMI, but there seems to be only 3 (or maybe 4?) really long pins (that they say I should connect the gpu to, via HDMI). Doesn't look like a HDMI connector. Is it some other type of connector?

:bounce: Wooo.... Cheers everyone.
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  1. Some sources are recorded in mono, stereo, 2.1 and etc. IF you want sound coming out of all the speakers even though the source isn't 5.1, you have to go into the audio setting to change that.
  2. some games support 5.1 sound, some do not.

    some movies support 5.1 sound, some do not.

    internet content, windows sounds, and music files are not 5.1 ss content which is why you are not getting sound out of all of your speakers. as you quoted from my other posts..it is possible to have the rear speakers copy the front ones so that you are getting sound out of all speakers at once. however this is still 2.1 sound not 5.1.

    as for why you are getting sound with an adapter? i have no clue but its not real 5.1 surround sound. connect things the normal way and change things in your audio properties. that is the best way to go about it.
  3. Aw... poop. Ok.

    I've connected the speakers using the front, centre/bass and rear.

    I'll just use my Beyerdynamic DT 440 for games. For some reason, the games won't play in 5.1 now... Playing around in the xonar dg audio centre and windows sound, nothing's happening.
  4. just set all the settings how they were when you were getting 5.1 in games. make sure you're testing in a game that you know was exporting 5.1 sound before and that your speaker setup in windows is set to 5.1.
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