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Hey folks, hoping you can help me out:

I have a Samsung ML-3051N Laser Printer, and I just CANNOT install it. I am trying to install it to the USB port on the back of my computer, and it just does NOT show up at all, no response from windows, nothing shows up in the hardware manager, nothing. It is powered on and working fine, even prints test pages.

I called Samsung Support, all the rep was capable of offering was try a different cable. Did that, no result. The rep gave up. (Who do they hire for tech support anyway? I could've gotten farther into troubleshooting with a chimpanzee!)

Tried using various different USB ports on the back of my computer, no change in the lack of result. Tried connecting it via Ethernet cable. Nothing. I don't have a printer cable to test or I would have tried that too. I downloaded the driver from Samsung. I try to install it, but it won't install as the printer is not detected.

I am running Windows 7, 32 bit. I have double checked that I downloaded the correct driver. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. First of all, you are right about the technical representatives, sometimes you can be amazed by the "quality" of people that work there.

    It seems that you tried almost everything.

    If you connect another device to those USB ports, will it work?

    The only idea that comes up in my mind, accept of going to the store that sold it to you, and throw the printer at them, for both the headache that it caused you, and for the poor technical assistance, is to update the motherboard's driver.

    I'm not sure that the idea I gave you will solve the problem, but anyway be careful if you do so, don't confuse with the BIOS configuration and version, and pay attention to all of the instructions when doing so.

    Hopefully it will help.
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