Intergrading wireless and ethernet network

I just get a new Laptop. I want to go wireless for the laptop. I have no experience with wireless network before. Please give me some suggestion.
I already have 3 computer connected to my server to share files and internet connection. They are networked together just like a regular ethernet network.
I want my laptop connect to my orginal network using wireless technology. I want my laptop to have access to internet connection and files from the ethernet network. Is it possible to do so? If it is possible what hardware do I need?

Thank in advance.
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  1. By the way my server is running on windows 2000 and my laptop have Windows XP.
  2. You need a PCMCIA wireless network card and Wireless Access point.

    The access point will be connected via regular 10/100 ethernet to your current hub/switch network and your wireless NIC in the laptop will appear connected to your LAN.

    Overall using 802.11b expect between 1 and 6 Mbs of throughput depending an range and prevailing factors.

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  3. Thank for the reply. I will check out the Wireless Access point.
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