PDF files open as pictures??

guy i need help, this time with my mac book pro.

when i try to open a PDF type file it thinks it is a picture and i cant open the file.
what do i do to change this, i have tried changing file format and it still opens as a picture???

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    I'm not sure if mac's are located in the same place as windows, but open "Explore" - go to "File Types", in your folder options, and locate the file extension - select change - locate your PDF - point it Abode Reader.
  2. thx it worked
  3. For future reference you can also do the following:

    Method #1:
    1) right-click the file
    2) "open with"
    3) "choose default program"

    This also works with pictures or videos.

    Method #2:
    1) Start Menu
    2) Default Programs

    *You may need to add the "Default Programs" link by right-clicking->Properties from your Start Menu.

    The above is for Windows 7. It will be the same or similar for XP/Vista.
  4. did you not read the original post??

    i said for my mac but thx anyway
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