Help XP Service Pack have screwed my computer :(

Hello all,

First of all i know i am posting this message again but this time there are few new developments and i have jotted down everything i can think of regarding the issue

my computer configuration is as follows

AMD Athalon 1.4 Ghz
Asus A7V133
512MB 133Mhz DIMM
Hercules 3DProphet II Ultra (Geforce2 Ultra 64MB AGP)
Seagate Barracuda 80GB
Seagate 40GB (Normal HDD)
Plextor 16/12/32 CDRW
Asus 50X CDROM
Aopen 16X DVDROM
SbLive Value
Gateway2000 EV900 19” Monitor

I need some serious help, about a week back I downloaded and installed SP1 for Windows XP, it installed without any problem and rebooted, took a long time to boot up and after it booted everything seems to be running fine (I didn’t find my windows running any faster than before as few people are saying) after a little while I had to access a file from a partition and I got this message “The disc in drive E is not formatted format it now YES NO” I freaked out, the partition in question here was 20GB and it contained all of my projects and stuff I download from net (including drivers, setups etc for my computer hardware, utilities etc)

Some of my friends suggested that I should use some program like On track Easy Recovery, which I tried, problem with on track is that it can find few files on root and about all of the directories on the root, but I had lots and lots of sub directories and the program can’t find it (using FAT32 method)

I also tried using partition magic to fix the problem but nothing

As far as I know till now the FAT table of my partition is screwed up and I cant access it now, a few people have told me that if I mount that partition on Linux I can recover data, but I have no experience of using / installing Linux, is there any way I can restore my data??? Please please help me out here

i tried using dskprobe.exe (which i learned about thanks to link this gentleman gave in my lastpost) but i don't have the file so i guess i will have to wait till i can get my hands on the winxp cd to extract it

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  1. Have you tried to access that drive using windows98, ME, or 2000?

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  2. i managed to access the drive from DOS using a Windows 98 bootable disk, my computer only have Windows XP. I managed to copy about 6gb of data, drive shows it have about 8gb of data i cant copy everything, dos gives me Invalid Directory or some error like that,

    i still cant see the partition from windows XP
  3. The drive that had data on it, was it formated using NTFS or FAT32? If it was formated using NTFS, I could give you a copy of Windows2000 Advanced Server so you can try to access the files on that drive, do you want it?

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  4. The drive was formatted with FAT32, thanks for the offer, i am seriously thinking about shifting to NTFS but i will admit i have no prior experience of using NTFS and i don't know why i have this "fear" of using NTFS over FAT32

    Do you recomend me using NTFS? considering that the only OS on my computer is FAT32? the only drawback i see is that if in future my NTFS partitions are corrupted i won't be able to access them using a Win98 bootable, is there any other way around?

    oh gee i know i ask too many questions :( but i guess i am too much hyped by the previous hectic week i had

  5. NTFS manages files better & faster, I would recommand using NTFS.
    You may access NTFS partision using Windows98, but you're gonna need 3rd party software for that, otherwise FAT32 will never <b>see</b> NTFS

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  6. <A HREF="" target="_new"> This site </A> has some very usefull utilities.

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