Best gaming headset and quality 2011 (no mic)

hi guys i was wondering what the best headset for gaming would be im basically looking for one with amazing sound quality i dont really need a mic at the moment and good bass so tell what you come up with and my budget is $100 and under thx guys
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  1. Hey man look into the Turtle Beach brand. They have a good selection of headsets within your range and I personally think they are the best. The headset I would choose would be the X11s. They wired but good all around with 7.1 Dolby Suround.
  2. thats if you want the surroundsound headphones which to me is a gimmick.

    personally i'd recommend a high quality 2.0 headphone set.

    in your budget i've heard sennheiser is a good brand.

    if you dont mind spending a bit more (or looking for a good deal) then you might want to look at the audiotechnica ath-m50s
  3. I have the Turtle Beach earforce hpa 2 5.1 headphones( they have a mic but it is detachable) and it is no gimmick. They do surround sound very well for headphones. As good as a 5.1 speaker setup? No, then again I use some jbl 4311s and 4312s as my computer surround speakers.

    The Turtle Beach headphones are great for late night gaming, music and movies. It keeps the GF happy too!

    Happy Listening, the Prisoner
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