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Satelite A40 Overheating Issue.Options

Have the SPA40 Model # PSA45-001YM-DU. Has worked flawlessly for years. It has been operated on a sofa or bed and the circulation may have been less than adequate. I now find that after about three minutes of operation, the large fan [Bottom] dramatically increases then the machine shuts down. There is a smaller rear fan that shows minute dust accumultation but close inspection shows no accumulations large enough to block air flow. Images are found at:http://cid-4ad6aabd72471dbb.skydrive.live.com/albums.aspx

I would ask the following:

•Is there a pdf of a service manual for this machine made in the Netherlands
•Is there a troubleshooting sequence to be followed
•The images demonstrate what I beleve to be nearly all of the cooling system... Should more of the machine be dismantled for additional images
•Should parts be required can they be acquired directly from a supplier... This machine is in the U.S.A. now but manufactured in the Netherlands
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  1. not much u can do

    you will have to get a cooling pad with a fan or something

    the overheating problem is common in toshiba laptops, one of their only flaws
  2. I would take it apart and clean the heatsink/fan assembly when you can actually see it well. It may have more dust than you think, especially between the interface of the fan and the heatsink.
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