Keyboard on my laptop failed. bought a plug in keyboard. it has no no \'Fn\' key

I have exactly the same problem.

A Compaq Presario CQ62 Laptop running windows 7. I accidentally spilled wine on it and the keyboard no longer worked.

I purchased a Microsoft wired desktop 600, but it has no function keys. On the original keyboard I used Fn E12 to connect to a network, but with the new keyboard I can no longer connect to a network. There must be a workaround?

Please advise
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  1. All the key does is enable the driver for the card to work.
    If you have two symbols that look like tv`s next to your time on the windows desktop . Its a case right clicking on the Icon and clicking enable.
  2. A new keyboard for your laptop would only cost around £10 on Ebay, if you know someone handy with a philips/flat bladed screwdriver and can read a Service Manual
    Page 61
    Only slightly tricky bit is the ZIF connector, all you need to do is roll the long black bar on the connector back through 90 degrees and it releases the ribbon cable...
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