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im looking for a crt monitor for gaming. money is not an issue. because they are rare now i am willing to settle for a refurbished product if i can't find a new one, i want to avoid used. i need at least 19' but i really want the best crt ever made, whatever that is. i heard great things about some sony f590 or something of that sort but i have no idea what the best crt monitor ever made was or if i can get it nowadays. I also only want a black monitor which complicates things further. I *really* want this crt, please help me get it.

p.s. no i dont want an lcd come here so i can slap you
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  1. ive already read that article it lists two 17inch models but im not interested in anything less than 19. leaning towards getting a widescreen too which is gonna limit me to about one or two models

    i found this:

    SGI GDM-FW9011

    i want it bad, hopefully someone can help me find a place that sells it

  2. You have to be aware that specialist brands like Silicon Graphics may use proprietary connectors. Can be hard to find one which will adapt their monitor to a standard PC connectors (even though there may be ones to adapt standard PC screens to SGI computers).
  3. some guy said he needed a bnc cable. will be much harder to find this monitor than a cable though
  4. BNC shouldn't be hard to find though I guess they are pretty much redundant.
  5. well i found a sony gdm fw900 version and bought it cause it was a steal at 125. no problems but i cant figure out an optimal setting for colors. there is red blue and green gain and bias so 6 settings. the default does not look right and i need a recommendation.
  6. did you find one of the SGI GDM-FW9011 yet?
    6 months later...
    hey i have one....
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