I have
9400gt MSI 1gb ddr2
core 2 duo 2.8ghz e7400
2x2gb kingston dual channel 800mhz ddr2
250gb + 160gb seagate 7200rpm
22x lg dvd-rw sata
20x sony dvd-rw sata
and a 450W SMPS
a samsung samtron 45Bn CRT(10 yrs old) monitor
1024x768 @ 60hz display

now i've also got a 500VA UPS (its 10yrs old too lol)
now my question is, will the UPS be able to support the above in case of a power cut for more than 2mins?
if not, then should I consider testing so? or could it cause damage to any part?

p.s. lol the monitor, i want to get a new one but can't convince my father to get a new gcard too (9400gt sucks even at 1024x768, it might die at 1280x720) so any ideas might do too :P
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  1. What's the total load? THat UPS is at least capable of 4 mins run time.
  2. hmm anyway to find out the total load? thats the only thing i don't know
  3. Some UPS can connect to computer by means of USB, the software is included to tell you how much is your load and how much the battery have before it will be drain. If you don't have that then you can calculate it your self, find out how much is you maximum draw from your system. Your UPS at normal load gives you at least 10 to 15 mins. My calculation before is just a guess from have without gaming.
  4. i found it consumes 302~252W
    lol never mind, it crapped out
    guess i finally get a new one
  5. May be you just need a battery replacement?
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