wich do you think is better?
i'd like to hear all kind of opinions!
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  1. Me thinks you are a troll. Flee!

    -non computer guru
  2. My opinion is that
    A. Intel make expensive lumps of silicon.
    B. AMD also make expensive lumps of silicon.
    C. That you should do a <b>SEARCH</b> of this forum and see how many amd vs Intel posts there are.
    D. And grow up.

    <b>Lead me not into temptation.
    I know the way myself. :evil:
    Mr no integrity coward.</b>
  3. Get out of here.

    Damn Rambus.
  4. Ha ha, great you guys are finally getting smart.I own one of each and love them both, there both great CPUs.2500barton and 2.6 P4C

    The man of steel said that
  5. ROFL
  6. Hang in there. The day is allmost over.
  7. We can allways launch the troll forum.
  8. We'll stsrt the troll forum. Let me know when your ready.
  9. We can start tomorrow.
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