Help required to buy a Laptop

I want to purchase a Laptop for personal use and to use softwares like Photoshop, Maya, 3DMax by my Brother.
My Budget is 900-1000USD.

I have read online for Laptops, its Processors and Graphics Card for this purpose.
With respect to this I have some questions and Hoping for clarifications from you.

What will be advantage of using new Intel i3-i5-i7 processors instead of Intel core duo processors ? Also It is mentioned that i3-i5-i7 processors are equipped with Intel HD Graphics. How much it will help for Graphics ?

Is Graphics card of 512MB sufficient or use 1 GB in my case? I found that in most Laptops of this price range, Graphics card - ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5470 Graphics is used. Can I get some details of this graphics card ?

Which brand should I prefer from Lenovo, Sony Vaio and Dell considering other parameters like service, online support for drivers. For Dell laptops, what Studio range provides in extra relative to Inspiron range ?

What is difference between Windows 7 Premium or Basic and which is suitable for my use ?

I have choose few models in the range. Can I get your opinion for these.
My 1st choice is VPCEB14EN/B as optimum but it has Windows 7 Basic.
Sony Vaio (E-Series) VPCEB14EN/B - (1GB Video Card, i3-330M-2.13Ghz, 4GB-320GB-15.6) Wind7Basic
Dell Inspiron 15 (S541206IN8) - (512MB Video Card, i3-330M-2.13Ghz, 4GB-320GB-15.6) Wind7Prem
Dell(TM) Studio 15 Laptop (S541036IN8) - (1GB Video Card, i3-350M-2.26Ghz,3GB-320GB-7200rpm-15.6)

I didn't get any info/details about Lenovo models in this range. Can you suggest if any model suitable for my needs.

I have heard about driver problem with Sony Vaio. One of friend formatted System and unable to find sound drivers neither from Sony nor from Microsoft (Windows 7). So what's your view on Sony Vaio models ?

I know, this is huge list of questions but expecting proper guidance.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    The tasks that you do benefit from a QuadCore CPU and between those options,the Dell Studio 15 has it,so go for it.
    Since you didn't mention any gaming,then you will be fine with a HD 5470M
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