What continent is Alaska on? (shipping question/ Newegg)

TigerDirect and Newegg both say that they will ship laptops to the continental United States. Yet when I try to place an order for here on the North Slope of Alaska, I am told that neither will ship to my destination. I am left with the simple question, to determine exactly what continent Alaska is on? Are we are part of Asia? I am confused about this. If we are not part of the "continental" United States, then what are we? Are we an Island?

I wonder if this policy is just some sort of random hate policy. As if perhaps Newegg hates the people of Alaska.

Is priority mail all that hard to understand?

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  1. The term continental has become a bit ambiguous over time, and I think most people ignore the actual meaning of the word and instead think it means "the lower 48".

    However, they say they do ship to Alaska (rather, they say they ship to "within the united states and puerto rico"), it just apparently isn't very fast, as you can't use the egg saver shipping:

    I also don't believe you can ship something as large or heavy as a notebook via priority mail.

    I would contact newegg to see what your options are.
  2. You are part of North America, however they will probably only ship to the lower 48 states. Shipping to Alaska would most likely include going through Canada which would result in customs fees that would severely ramp up your costs. I don't fully understand how their shipping works, but that would be my best guess. If you want an answer from them, go to the "contact us" section of the site and do a live chat by selecting "shipping" and then "Other Shipping Related Questions"

    Just out of curiosity, can you try and place your order through Newegg Canada?
  3. There is no "going through Canada." Mail is either sent by air, or by barge from Washington. In either event there is no going through Canada. There are no customs dues. In fact shipping something through US Priority mail costs the exact same to ship to the North Slope of Alaska as it does for any other place in the US. The issue, as best I can tell, is that UPS doesn't want to ship here because its too expensive and Newegg hates the United States Postal Service so it won't use them. Either that or Newegg just hates Alaskans, or I should say Rural Alaskans (since Newegg probably ships to Anchorage).

    And yes you can ship a large item through priority mail. I have shipped up to a 40" television through priority mail. Almost every item that I own here on the North Slope was sent here by priority mail. In fact I just received a "Staff" through priority mail which was made by Cold Steel. It was shipped here for about 10 bucks (a staff).

    Now the rate goes up for larger items, but you could easily ship a laptop in a 30 dollar fixed rate box.
  4. That is an uncommon problem. Have you tried contacting customer service for both websites? In my personal experience http://www.tigerdirect.com offers a great customer service.
    Still is a confusing situation.
  5. Oh yeah I have tried contacting them. I even convinced one guy at TigerDirect to ship to me via US Post Office. I paid the money. I then got a call back that said that under no circumstances would they ship USPS inside the United States and they canceled my order. I was told that they don't ship to PO Boxes EVER.... unless it is on a US Military base. The problem is that my location is so remote (like most of Alaska) that there is no mail delivery here. Everything is sent to the Post Office and you pick it up. And yes you can send a 40" TV to a PO Box. I have done it.... They don't put it in your PO Box, they just put a yellow slip in the box and you take it to the counter.
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