Alienware m15x or Asus g51j / g51jx

This is about my price range ill be doing homework music and running new games The main downside is the m15x only has a 512mb of graphics card. Is this enough to run say aion on good settings

update: my budget is about 1200 or less
Alienware m15x
Intel Core i7 720QM 1.6GHz 512MB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 240M 3GB DDR3 at 1066MHz 250GB SATAII 7,200RPM Internal High-Definition 5.1 Surround Sound AlienFX® Illuminated Keyboard
Asus g51j
Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 820QM/720QM Processor : 1.73 GHz - 1.6 GHz, with turbo up to 3.06/2.8 GHz;

Operating System Genuine Windows® 7 Ultimate
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium

Chipset Mobile Intel® PM55 Express Chipset

Main Memory DDR3 1066 MHz SDRAM, 2 x SODIMM socket for expansion up to 4GB SDRAM
*Due to the 32-bit operation system's limitation, only 3GB will show up with a 4GB memory. The 64-bit operating system will not have this issue. For more information, please check Microsoft's support site:

Display 15.6" Full HD (1920x1080) LED backlight

Video Graphics & Memory NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260M with 1GB DDR3 VRAM

Hard Drive 500GB,5400rpm;7200rpm

Dual HDD support
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  1. You will get more help if you post links to and the specs of the 2 laptops you are looking at. Even identical model numbers can be configured differently. A budget will help also.
  2. Which version of the M15x are you looking at? The one with the GT 240M only has 512, but it can also come with a GTX 260 which has 1gb.

    That being said, both the GTX 260M and GTS 360M found in the Asus models will give you significantly better performance than the GT 240M.

    Moving on to another point: Though the GTS 360M (G51jx) is a "generation" newer, it is still out performed by the GTX 260 (G51J).
  3. Don't go with ANY Alienware as they are overpriced and generally not so reliable. I know two people, one with the M15x and one of the desktops, who have had their motherboard fry only after a few months. Sure they do have good service because of Dell owning them, but why even go through that? The Asus is the much better choice, but with those prices, I recommend this Asus ( as it has a MUCH better GPU with the 5870, it is DX11 ready, and has a bigger screen. It will give you a better performance than both of the laptops you have selected at practically the same price.
  4. i assume chchamp61 linked the G73jh. XoticPC has that same laptop for $1645, but it also comes with a bluray drive.

  5. This would also be a good one to look at:

    Similar specs to the G73, but it starts at $1500.
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